When I get an idea for an art piece – it usually comes in a flash. I see the whole image including the lighting in my mind’s eye. I then make a quick rough sketch in my idea book. When I’m ready to do a finished piece, I usually draw on tissue paper. Then I lay another tissue on top of that and redraw my idea. I then transfer that drawing onto a flat stone, or a special sheet of metal coated with zinc. I prefer the metal because I can draw right reading, whereas on the stone you have to draw the image backwards.

My lithographs are created either on stone, or drawn directly on zinc plates. Some of my prints are serigraphs (silk screen) or block cuts. If color is added – it’s done by hand with watercolors or pastels. The most I print of an edition is 250 impressions. All prints are on a high quality paper. All mats are acid free. The outside dimensions of all prints are in mats that are standard frame sizes: 8x10, 11x14, 12x16, and 16x20 inches. The inside mat openings vary and are stated with the titles.

Thank you for checking my web site; hopefully you see something you like. Be sure to check back again, there will be new artwork from time to time.

All artwork copyright Wayne Huebner. All rights reserved.
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